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Health Equity Monitor Image

With a focus on urban health, this project intended to elicit the magnitude of health inequities in Atlanta using Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) indicators. We sought to highlight those sections of the urban population who are disadvantaged in accessing services and achieving healthy outcomes. Therefore, the project focused on providing a quick and clear understanding of the current health inequities in Atlanta. A pooled dataset was applied to obtain MDGs indicators, and then we visualized the Atlanta health profile, helping the public to gain insights about this information. We tried to expose as much statistical data as possible, but to avoid visual encodings that may bias the perception of that data. The developed visualization harbors the potential to explore the hidden inequity of different social and economic aspects, such as education, violence, transportation and so forth. Also, the visualization could potentially be extended to display city profiles besides Atlanta.



[VIS17 Preview] Equity Monitor: Visualizing Attributes of Health Inequity in Atlanta (Poster) from VGTCommunity on Vimeo.


Zhang, X., Godwin, A., and Stasko, J.


2017 Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Visualization (VIS)


Poster Abstract